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Can you name the Spies by MF chapter 6?

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How far are Stephan and Keith through the Lunar Calendar?
What had Keith suggested that Stephan should have?
What was the strange new freedom that Stephan felt?
What is the shape of darkness defined as?
Finish the quote, ‘This slime is full of …….. – I’m getting …… all over my hands!’
What is all feelings related to in this chapter?
Who's feeling there way towards the box?
What can't Stephan do when the man is behind him?
What does Geoff say that stephan was hunting this time?
Whop does Stephan parents assumer are out there aswell?
What did Stephan due yet again?
What did Keith turn over in his hands?
'under ....... straightforward gaze'?
What does Keith's mother not know that Stephan likes?
What does Keith's mother correct Keith on?
What does Keith's mother call the two boys on page 123?
What does Keith call Stephan at the bottom of the page?
Whats Stephan said to have hidden like on page 124?
Whats Stephan said to be afraid off before following Keith Mother?
How do the boys move through the lane?
What does Stephan hit the corrugated iron with?
Who was shut up in the garden shed?
What Value is yet to be determined?
What is Keith father doing the night?
What does Keith mother say to Stephan at the end of the passage?

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