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Size 36 (my inner being)
White House is my crib - Prezzies's daughter
Drink me baby - lowkey elisha
its getting a little too hot in topazs hometown
its a little too hot in here, boyo boy im dripping
Queen An-ton-yaaaaaaaaaa
Wiggle those toes for the Vice President
Hello my little ginger snaps welcome to the UKIP party #vlogs
heyy boss im just a f#ckboy
r u joeking me im an iranian prince
Go back to your country you Aryan goalie #nopgingerjews
Name the Daddy by the meme lord
Lowkey Tic Tac with Jas George #1dayrelationship
Everyones fifty shades fantasy with God - Baracks bff
Basically your grandaddy is a maths teacher
Absolute angel - highkey best teacher ever
whats your passcode so i can hack your phone
You're all Kants and im the ethics genuis
the best google search ever made
Where all your food dreams come true

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