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Who is someone who dies for his/her faith?
Which martyr was killed by being burned to death and said, 'flip me over, I'm done on this side?'
Whose eyes were gouged out before her martyrdom?
Who was tortured by having her teeth pulled out before her martyrdom?
Who was killed by dozens of arrows?
Who was one of the first apologists?
What is a 'defender of the faith' known as?
What early church bishop was eaten by lions in the Roman Coliseum?
Which emperor was responsible for the bloodiest persecution of Christians?
Who is the saint that was killed by being burned to death, and was said to have smelled like baked bread?
Who is a disloyal person who betrays his faith?
What legalized Christianity in 313 AD?
What happened in 325 AD?
Constantine changed the capital from Rome to where?
Which church did Constantine rebuild in Constantinople?
What is a belief contrary to a central belief of the faith?
What heresy said that Jesus was neither human nor divine?
Which council was called in response to Arianism?
What was the result of the Council of Nicaea?
What is the heresy that said sacraments given by apostate priests are invaild?
What new sacrament did the church use to forgive apostates and get rid of Donatism?
What is the heresy that said that you don't need God's grace or Baptism to get to Heaven?
What is the heresy that said that all matter is evil, so Jesus couldn't have been human?
What is the heresy that said that Jesus wasn't human and only divine?
'Grace is necessary for salvation' was the Church's response to what heresy?
What council was called to deal with monophysitism?
Who was the mentor to Saint Augustine, the former governor who was surprisingly made bishop of Milan?
Who was the saint who eventually converted to Christianity as a result of his mother's, Plato's, and Saint Ambrose's influences?
Who translated the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into Latin?
What did Saint Jerome call his new, translated Bible?

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