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Who founded the church?
who are the original members of the church?12 apostles
What does the Eucharist mean?
What are the 6 models of the church?
Who was the supreme council of the Jews?
Which religious group means 'separated ones'
Who was a strict religious group at the time of Jesus?
Who were the theologians of Jesus' time?
Who was the highest priest of the Sanhedrin?
What Jews holiday did Jesus institute the Eucharist?Last Supper
Who betrayed Jesus in the garden?
What is the birthday of the church?
Who was the first martyr?
What does Peter mean?
What is a squeal to Luke?
What means 'Anointed one'?
Who was a famous convert from Tarsus?Paul
What are the two things that separated the Jews from the rest of society?
Who was the Roman commander that was baptized by Peter in Judea?He was the first Gentile to be baptized also
What prophet predicts a famine around Jerusalem
What does deacon mean?
What does catholic mean?
What year was the temple destroyed?
When did St. Paul have is conversion?
What is the first document that would be in the New Testament?
When was the Council of Jerusalem?
Where was Paul sent to first preach?With Barnabas and John Mark
What Greek God did the crowd confuse with Barnabas?
What people who have renounced their faith wanted to repent and return to the church?
What council made circumcision unnecessary for baptism?
What does Baptism mean?
What is the heart of Christian life?

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