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Can you name the super heros and super villains?

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super heros and super villains
a legend with a utility belt
he's SUPER
always loves the felines
is evenly ugly and nice on both sides
will kill you with the dangerous plants
will laugh and set pranks a lot
is a crawling insect of justice
is the perfect bowman
is the bats' sidekick
has ?'s all over his body
is king of the sea
has a ring that gets power from imagination
noone could be smaller
always wears the colors of the USA
storms the way to victory
super heros and super villains
he's a crazy marauder
shoots webs
is incredibly HUGE
will stretch for miles and miles
just another bird in love with batman
is the new type of quick
is more than just an ape
the master of time
will hypnotize people with his singing
killed aquaman's son
shoots green flames
flies by kites
is nocturnal and looks like batman
dictator of planet Dhor

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