Blitz: Name a U.S. President That...

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Can you name the U.S. presidents that...?

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Name a U.S. President that...Example President
Was assassinated
Was born in Virginia
Got married while in office
Has a last name beginning with 'A'
Has a last name 10 letters long
Is on Mt. Rushmore
Has the same last name as another U.S. president
Was part of the Whig party
Was born in the 20th Century
Has a last name ending in 'E'
Name a U.S. President that...Example President
Has the first name James
Resigned from office
Served three terms in office
Is still alive
Has his face on paper U.S. currency
Was born in January
Died on July 4
Wasn't married
Has won the Nobel Peace Prize
Was less than 45 when they took office

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