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Can you name the seven-letter words that have two-letter combinations in the same place as 'SPORCLE'?

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SP_ _ _ _ _
Different from what is ordinary 
Major subdivision of a genus 
Shoots of a plant 
Elementary textbook used to teach spelling 
'Don't cry over _____ milk' 
Extends over a great area or period 
Official language of Mexico 
_PO_ _ _ _
Marked with spots 
Early follower of Jesus who spread Chrisianity 
American marsupial with a ratlike tail 
'I'm sorry' 
'Warning: comments may contain _____s' 
Animals with porous structures 
One who makes a pledge on behalf of another 
_ _OR_ _ _
Fourth most populous US state 
A&E TV show: _____ Wars 
To honor with praise 
Hymn with strong harmonization 
Opposite of richest 
Opening into a building 
_ _ _RC_ _
Punctured or perforated 
Stiff and formal, as in manner 
Beginnings of rivers 
Opposite of more abundant 
What you need when your hair gets too long 
More ferocious 
University of Cincinnati mascot 
_ _ _ _CL_
Small partitioned-off area of a room 
Any means of transportation 
Two wheel means of transportation 
A highly improbable or extraordinary event 
To reuse or save 
A, an, or the 
An eyeglass for one eye 
_ _ _ _ _LE
Able to be seen 
A short, crisp curl 
A small antelope 
Capable of bearing offspring 
A rocket-propelled weapon 
Minute cavity or vesicle in organic tissue 
To fall apart 

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