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Who was arrested for blasphemy, thrown from the temple roof, and then stoned
The first letter in the New Testament written by paul
who betrayed Jesus
who were the original members of the church
what does 'church' mean
What means anointed one
up until the writings, how were the gospels spread
what is Pentacost also known as
What means rule or standard
what city was the heart of Jewish culture
which cities were the heart of Gentile culture
Baptism was seen as the new version of what
Before being called Christians, the followers of Jesus were called what
In what city was the word Christian first used Greek
Who was the first Pope
What is one of the six models of the church
What does the word 'Deacon' mean
When did Saint Paul have his conversion
what is a person who denies there faith and then wants to return to the church
During what JEWISH holiday did Jesus institute the Eucharist?
- Which sect of Judaism included the priests who looked after the temple?
Which roman governor kept Paul under house arrest
- Which sect of Judaism meant “separated ones” and was made up of scribes?
- What happens to Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane (medical term)?
Who was stoned to death by a crowd that included St. Paul
When was the temple destroyed
Where was the Eucharist celebrated in the Early Church
Which Roman governor allowed Jesus to be executed
Which model is a visible, tangible sign of God's grace and love
What did the apostles do when Jesus asked them to stay awake and pray with him in the garden?

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