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Sorry, no hint on this one. But she does hold the destinction of being the very first on the list.
MDA Pioneer. Uses MDA castoffs to build his LT business.
If you can't recall this name, check in the hall closet. He may be in there.
Graduated with her from High School. Another example of nepotism
I've got this deal; I know this guy; I've started this business....We also shared the corner office with him at one point.
A pioneer in getting everyone to understand the benefits of unscented candles
One of the original admins.
Had Narcolepsy. Also a classic MDA story of sleeping in the nude on convention trip.
Absolutely no recollection of this person
How in the world could you START a Tuesday lunch with only half of a Honey Baked Ham?
Any early March Madness winner. She would have made the other list, too.
Most memorable exit ever!!
An affair to remember
Guess I should have knocked
No clue who this cat was.
Made advances at #17
Sued #16 for saud advances
Not that there's anything wrong with that
Not that there's anything wrong with that 2
Our one-time Medical Director as well as an LT provider

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