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Can you name the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe characters?

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WordsCharacterExtra Info
Shell, Minion, Item
Mushroom, Vest, Many
Royal, Ghost, White
Children, Shell, Koopa
Dog, Friend, Crossing
Young, Teal, Princess
You, Custom, Person
Monkey, Retro, Banana
Short, Hood, Mask
Shiny, Princess, Metal
Green, Dino, Egg
Junior, Son, Evil
Fruit, Princess, Pink
Crossing, Person, You
Red, Brother, Hero
Tall, Green, Brother
Pink, Mushroom, Pigtails
Cloud, Glasses, Spiny
WordsCharacterExtra Info
Space, Princess, Luma
Hero, Hyrule, Triforce
Young, Green, Brother
Shiny, Brother, Yellow
Steel, Brother, Silver
Raccoon, Brother, Tail
Young, Princess, Yellow
Splat, Ink, Squid
Evil, Yellow, Motorcycle
Evil, Shell, Kidnap
Animal, Meow, Princess
Tall, Purple, Evil
Young, Princess, Pink
Flower, Princess, Yellow
Skeleton, Koopa, Bone
Young, Red, Brother
Skeleton, Fire, Evil

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