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Forced Order
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An unpleasant combination of loud, often jarring, sounds
A king or other ruler with absolute, unlimited powerSix
Having no direct involvement or interest and not favoring one person or side more than anotherNine
Excessively or pointlessly talkative, using many or too many words
Tending or appearing to be calm and not easily excited, upset, or disturbed; quiet calm
Solitary and withdrawn from the rest of the worldNine
To be unable to resist or oppose something; give inSeven
To separate and go in a different direction or different directionsSeven
Energetic and unflagging enthusiasm, especially for a cause or ideaFour
Inclined to complain or find fault
Lacking the competence or skill for a particular taskFive
The high point or climax of somethingSix
Somebody who shows exceptional technique or ability in somethingEight
Characterized by an obvious or lavish display of wealth or affluence; lavish
Not possessing, untouched by, voidSix
Profound knowledge and understanding, coupled with foresight and good judgment; wisdom
Gaudy, cheap in appearance, and of inferior quality
A bitter verbal or written attack on somebody or something; rantEight
Unable or unwilling to do anything useful; ineffective
Unsophisticated and unwilling to accept new ideas or ways of thinkingTen
Lacking relevance or importance, not made of matter, or not physically real
Not intended to be known, seen, or found out; secretiveFive
To provide help or relief to somebody or something in a difficult or unpleasant situation. Gave them something to assist themSix
To reach the same point coming from different directionsEleven
To put somebody in an isolated or lonely place away from other people, the pressures of everyday life, or possible disturbancesNine
To wipe out; do away withSix
To praise somebody or something with great enthusiasm and admiration Five
A strong feeling of dislikeEight
To try to equal or excel; imitate with effort; to equal or surpassSeven
To inspire somebody with love or passion; obsessedSix
Not straightforward, sincere, or honest about intentions or motives; mischievous, evil
To restrict the free movement or progress of somebody or something; refrainSix
To float gently through the air, or move something gently through the airFour
Evenness of temper even under stressTen
Neglected, insanitary and unpleasantSeven

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