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in gen. 3, what breed of pony was Rainbow Dash?
What color is Twilight Sparkle's mom's mane?
In what city does Babs Seed live?
What is Minuette's fandom name?
from S1 to S4, how many times has discord been turned to stone onscreen?
What are the names of the diamond dogs?
What is the name of Rarity's boutique?
how many of the mane six have younger sisters?
What is Dr. Hooves' real name?
What species is discord?
(Prior to tank the tortoise) how many ponies have pets?
according to Rainbow dash, what is the most important element to a good cheer?
How long was Nightmare Moon banished to the moon?
Which pony is a year older than Pinkie Pie?
Which youtuber created the PONY.MOV series?
Who are Pinkie Pie's parents?
At the grand galloping gala, who is Rarity trying to impress?
Where did Twilight move to Ponyville from?

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