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Can you complete these common phrases from the League (FX)?

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HintAnswerAn extra clue so frittatas can play too
________ the ElfHe's watching you, all the time.
El _________Doesn't that just mean brother-in-law?
Trade ______How many games have you seen Plaxico Burress play this year? Eh! The answer is zero because the guy's been in jail for two years, you moron!
________ BrotherHow do you guys get things done?
Zipper _________She didn't find any. I think they're dead
Vaginal ________This goes out to my sister-in-law Jenny!
Fear _________In one single moment he was cowardly, gay, homophobic, and racist. The perfect quadfecta.
I'm ________ Me!Dude it just struck gold!
_____goyaLegally we're not allowed to call it meat so bring the whole family for a tasty brown treat.
The Mr. __________Tickle me and rub my belly
_________ StrokesI can see into your soul
My_____You haven't been posting offline at all.
SHIVAKAMINI ___________Don't you dare Shiva Blast in here!
__________ TerroristI can't believe I work in an office full of hungry hungry hippos!
Forever ________Did you just drop hot soup on my wife?
__________ BatmanThere's a new sheriff in town and his name is....
__________ Lady DayWhat's that? Heirloom tomatoes are different from regular tomatoes? Amazing!
_________ ManHe's going to mess with my equipmonk again?
Three _______ WineReally just one step away from chugging dongs
We're in the _________Just put it in your mouth.... and Sweet Oblivion! Ahahahaha!!!!

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