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How is water cleaned?

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solid to gas
gas to liquid
liquid to gas
liquid to solid
solid to liquid
gas to solid
water treatment 1
water treatment 2
water treatment 3
water treatment 4
water treatment 5
upper level of ground water
freshwater resevoirs underground
large masses of ice at the poles
waste water 1
waste water 2
waste water 3
waste water 4
waste water 5
wastewater 6
wastewater 7
wastewater 8
water used for laundry, showers...
when rain/water flows rapidly across bare grounds, backing up storm drains
which country has the largest source of earths freshwater?
where does majority of it come from?
name a cause for rising sea levels, flooding of polar regions and extinction of saltwater creatures
long periods of little or no precipitation
coca cola affect on india
solid or liquid water that falls to the earths surface
gas on earth
liquids temperature
solids temperature
A small, localized climate different from the climate around it. (Like a greenhouse)
Transportation de icing
Naturally occurring minerals
Naturally occurring minerals
Naturally occurring minerals
Naturally occurring minerals
Naturally occurring minerals
what molecule
does privitization affect our water supply
do large bodies of water make it colder or warmer in the summertime? (Daytime)
Does everyone in the world have access to clean water?
Solids processing 1
Solids processing 2
Water that has urine and feces in it
Water used by humans
A long hollow shaft dug in the ground to the level of an aquifer
Water from precipitation and snow melt that flows over the earths surface
Water that sinks into the ground/ majority of earths accessible freshwater supply
Masses of ice and overlying snow that moves down a mountain slope
Large glaciers that cover the land
All of the water on the earths surface
Form of water with the highest energy, and particle speed
And lowest
Gas temperature
When water is pumped and shipped to somewhere else
Large scale industry using water in Canada
Can wells be overused?

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