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Brother to rose (1936)
Christopher Tyler (1936)
Elmer Clampett (1936)
Terry Martin(1936)
Rowdy' Dow(1936)
Ted Barker(1936)
Paul North Sr.(1937)
John 'Truck' Cross(1937)
Jason Wilkins(1938)
Prof. Peter Morgan Jr. (1938)
Pvt. William 'Texas' Pettigrew(1938)
Tony Kirby(1938)
John Horace 'Johnny' Mason(1939)
Larry Hall(1939)
Guy Johnson(1939)
Jefferson Smith (1939)
Tom Destry Jr.(1939)
Alfred Kralik(1940)
Martin Breitner(1940)
Gaylord 'Gay' Esterbrook(1940)
Macaulay Connor(1940)
Bill Smith(1941)
James Hamilton 'Jimmy' Haskell(1941)
Gilbert Young(1941)
George Bailey(1946)
Rip Smith(1947)
P.J. 'Jim' McNeal (1948)
Rupert Cadell(1948)
Marvin Payne(1948)
Monty Stratton(1949)
John Royer(1949)
Lin McAdam(1950)
Tom Jeffords(1950)
Elwood P. Dowd(1950)
William J. 'Bill' Lawrence(1950)
Theodore Honey(1951)
'Buttons' A Clown(1952)
Glyn McLyntock(1952)
Marsh Williams(1952)
Howard Kemp(1953)
Steve Martin(1953)
The Story Teller(1954)
L. B. 'Jeff' Jefferies (1954)
Jeff Webster(1954)
Lt. Col. Robert 'Dutch' Holland(1955)
Will Lockhart(1955)
Dr. Benjamin 'Ben' McKenna(1956)
Charles Augustus 'Slim' Lindbergh(1957)
Grant McLaine(1957)
John 'Scottie' Ferguson (1958)
Shepherd 'Shep' Henderson (1958)
Paul Biegler(1959)
John Michael ('Chip') Hardesty(1959)
Maj. Baldwin(1960)
Marshal Guthrie McCabe(1961)
Ransom Stoddard(1962)
Roger Hobbs(1962)
Linus Rawlings(1962)
Frank Michaelson(1963)
Wyatt Earp(1964)
Prof. Robert Leaf(1965)
Charlie Anderson(1965)
Frank Towns(1965)
Sam Burnett(1966)
Johnny Cobb(1968)
Mace Bishop(1968)
John O'Hanlan(1970)
Mattie Appleyard(1971)
Dr. E.W. Hostetler(1976)
Philip Stevens(1977)
General Sternwood(1978)
Clovis Mitchell(1978)
Old man(1980)
Wylie (voice)(1991)
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