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Wooah WooahGo the coffin nails
Like a breath exhaledIt seems like just yesterday
How did i miss the red flagsThe days we left
We braved these bitter storms togetherBut on his feet he died
What god would damn a heart?And what god could...
Make it stop18 years pushed to the ledge
Its come to thisOn the way down singing
wooah wooah.... Bang BangThe Schoolhouse halls
The Shotguns loadedIm done asking
I demandI feel its love like a cattle prod
(Im born free) Im born free(Im born me) No i cant change
Its always darkest just before the dawnLet's prove them wrong
Starting LyricComplete the LyricFollow Up Lyric
Make It Stop, Let This EndIts Come to this
A weightless stepwooah wooah
The Cold river washed him awayThey're Gathering Some Candles
But Not thy're tonguesOf the children shamed
for those they chose to kissWe're Counting for
Insisting OnYeah, a brand new song
Tyler Clementi, Age 18-Billy Lucas, Age 15-Harrison Chase Brown, Age 15-Cody J. Barker, Age 17-Seth Walsh,Age 14Let This End
This life chose me And proud i stand
Of who i amMake it stop
Let this endAnd proud i stand
of who i amMessage: the names you heard aroung the end are the teens who commited suicide because they were picked on for being gay. this song is used as a dedication and a message for people to stop bullying

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