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LyricsSong NameAlbum
But now she's dead. and she left you with a problem. Pinocchio has pierced your tongue 'Shenanigans'
A cry of hope. A plea for peace. And my conscience beating.'Warning:'
One light, one mind. Flashing in the dark. Blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts.'Warning:'
Remix: Do what you like, but please don't keep me waitin'. Please don't keep me waitin''Shenanigans'
Please don't think I'm crazy. I don't want you to understand. '1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours'
A gunshot rings out at the station. Another urchin snaps and left dead on his own. It makes me wonder why I'm still here.'Kerplunk!'
Cause look how things have gotten. And I'll be happy so I won't pretend. And I'll be cheering that you're going down.'Shenanigans'
I'm in distress, oh mistress. I confess so do it one more time. These handcuffs are too tight.'Warning:'
Testing my nerves out of the blvd.Spontaneous combustion on the corners of my mind'Warning:'
LyricsSong NameAlbum
Will you go with me on Friday night? If you live with me, I'll die for you. And this compromise.'Shenanigans'
A sweet young girl who sacrificed her love. As for me... I am blind without a cause.And now I reazlied what I have lost. 'Kerplunk!'
Cold turkey's getting stale, tonight I'm eating crow.'Nimrod'
There's lots more life to live. At times I feel overwhelmed.I question what I can give. My mind is growing hazy. '1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours'
Come with me and let's go for a ride. Follow me to the other side. As I sit around and watch you pout.'Kerplunk!'
Keep out of reach of children, don't you talk to strangers.Get your philosophy from a bumper sticker. 'Warning:'
You're feeling bad for yourself. His memory will always dwell. You're so obsessed with his love. '1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours'
It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.'Nimrod'
Call me irresponsible. Call me habitual. But when you think of me...'Kerplunk!'
LyricsSong NameAlbum
Are you locked up in a world that's been planned out for you?'Dookie'
When I walk in crowded rooms. I feel as if it is my doom. I know that I don't belong. '1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours'
I'm a loser and a user so I don't need no try and flag me down because I know you're right. 'Dookie'
Here they come marching down the street. Like a desperation murmur of a heart beat. Coming back from the edge of town. 'American Idiot'
What is it that drives me mad. Girls like you that I never had. What is it about you that I adore?'1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours'
Is she dreaming. what I'm thinking. Is she the mother of all bombs gonna detonate.'American Idiot'
Anybody ever say no? Ever tell you that you weren't right? Where did all the little kid go?'Dookie'

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