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The QuestionThe AnswerThe Hints-Some I Couldn't Hint
Lead singers name?Middle Name is required in answer
Lead basist name?
Lead drummers name?
Lead basist real name?Middle Name- Ryan
Lead drummers real name?Middle Name- Edwin
Lead guitarist name?
Lead piano/brass name?
Band Billie Joe was in.
Band Green Day called themselves before.
Most successful album (according to link)
(Aol Music) Most Popular Songs Top 10-#1Album: Dookie
#2Album: American Idiot
#3Album: Nimrod
The QuestionThe AnswerThe Hints-Some I Couldn't Hint
#4Album: Dookie
#5Album: Insomniac
#6Album: Dookie
#7Album: American Idiot
#8Album: Warning
#9Album: American Idiot
#10Album: American Idiot
When did Green Day first form
When did the first band form
When did the band Billie Joe is part of form
Former drummer
Former drummer

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