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Who what when where why
Which president tried to set up a non-communist government in South Vietnam?
What was the name of the base that was the main 'set-up' point to recon all cross border activity?
In general terms, why was impossible for the US to win against North Vietnam?
There were 2 countries that produced the 'resources' needed for the war against the US, what were those countries that supplied North Vietnam?
The Soviets tried to move into Afganastan, but the Afgans claimed weapons to help in the war effort, who supplied them?
What did America find in Cuba that struck the country in fear?
In a treaty with Cuba, what did the U.S. have to do if the Cubans were to stay out of the War completely?
Who what when where why
What did Russia have that was an advantage due to where they occupied Germany?
Why was this advantage helpful?
What is Communism, in short?
What is Capitalism,in short? (What America is based in)
What countries occupied Germany until the destruction of the Berlin Wall?
Country occuping Germany
Country occuping Germany
Country occuping Germany

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