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a muscular passage connecting the mouth or pharynx with the stomach in invertebrate and vertebrate animals
understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest: recondite
an artificial international language based on words common to the chief European languages
the act or practice of spying
a level open stretch of paved or grassy ground, esp. one designed for walking or driving along a shore
to adopt or support (as a cause or belief)
a strong coffee prepared by forcing live steam under pressure, or boiling water, through ground dark-roast coffee beans
a sense of unity and of common interests and responsibilities, as developed among a group of persons closely associated in a task, cause, or enterprise
to see at a distance: catch sight of
a title of courtesy usu. placed in its abbreviated form after the surname
to put to the test: try
the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature or features
of the utmost importance
to show to be valid or true: prove
the existing power structure in society; the dominant group in a field of endeavor
the property of a deceased person, a bankrupt, etc., viewed as an aggregate
favorable opinion or judgment: regard
any of a class of often fragrant compounds formed by the reaction between an acid and an alcohol usu. with elimination of water
capacity for sensation or feeling
deserving respect or admiration
to determine roughly the size, extent, or nature of
pertaining or appropriate to summer
a Finno-Ugric language of northeastern Europe
a legal bar preventing a party from asserting a fact or claim inconsistent with a position that party previously took
to turn away in feeling or affection: alienate
a substance (as a sex hormone) tending to stimulate the develoment of female secondary sex characteristics
a recurring period of sexual receptivity and fertility in many female mammals: heat
that part of the mouth or lower course of a river in which the river's current meets the sea's tide
hungry, greedy
the 7th letter of the Greek alphabet

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