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a short bar with two identical spheres or with adjustable weighted disks attached to each end used for calisthenic exercise
an imitation, copy, or likeness: mannequin
to get rid of: jettison
a small mass of leavened dough cooked by boiling or steaming
a conical cap formerly used as a punishment for slow learners at school
a hill or ridge of sand piled up by the wind
the excrement of an animal
a dark usu. underground prison or vault
to throw (a baseketball) into the basket from above the rim
loose material laid beneath or wedged among objects carried by ship or rail to prevent injury from chafing or moisture, or to provide ventilation
to deceive by underhanded means: trick
allowing telecommunication in opposite directions simultaneously
to make an exact copy of
deceitfulness in speech or conduct, as by speaking or acting in two different ways to different people concerning the same matter
able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration
the length of time something continues or exists
compulsion by threat or force: coercion
a large oval tasty but foul-smelling fruit with a prickly rind
the darker part of twilight esp. at night
fine dry particles of earth or pulverized matter
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the natives or inhabitants of the Netherlands or their country or language
conscientiously or obediently fulfilling one's duty
a tax on imports
a coalition of two persons holding the same office, as in ancient Rome
a person of unusually small stature
to remain for a time
to become steadily less: shrink
to impart a new and often permanent color to

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