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to deprive of good repute: disgrace
having or showing discernment or good judgment in conduct and esp. in speech
a lack of compatibility or similarity between two or more facts
individually distinct
a mathematical expression providing a criterion for the behavior of another more complicated expression, relation, or set of relations
prejudiced or prejudicial action, treatment, or outlook
a circular disk for throwing for distance in athletic competitions
consideration of a question in open and usu. informal debate
a feeling of contempt for what is beneath one: scorn
sickness, malady
to remove to shore from a ship
to free from illusion
unfavorable regard; disesteem; disservice
to impair (as in beauty) by deep and persistent injuries
to be a source of shame to
to furnish with a false appearance
marked aversion aroused by something highly distasteful
a more or less concave vessel from which food is served
the state of being dressed in a casual or careless style
untidy; unkempt
characterized by lack of truth or trustworthiness
to refuse to accept or pay (as a draft, bill, check, or note)
disappointed that something is not as good, valuable, true, etc., as it had seemed
something that discourages or deters: deterrent
lacking desire or willingness: averse
to cleanse by destroying harmful microorganisms
lacking in candor
to break or decompose into constitutent elements, parts, or small particles
having no elements in common

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