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hesitant in acting or speaking through lack of self-confidence
a modification which light undergoes esp. in passing by the edges of opaque bodies or through narrow openings and in which the rays appear to be deflected
not concentrated or localized: scattered
to form (a hole, tunnel, etc.) by removing soil, sand, snow, etc.
a second marriage after termination of the first
to convert (food) into absorbable form
to arrange, compose
any of the Arabic numerals 1 to 9 and usually the symbol 0
one who possesses exalted rank or holds a position of honor
to turn aside esp. from the main subject of attention or course of argument
a ditch or levee
a harsh settlement unilaterally imposed (as on a defeated nation)
decayed, deteriorated, or fallen into parial ruin
to become wide
tending or intended to cause delay
a difficult or persistent problem
a person having superficial interest in an art
characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic application and effort
a European herb with aromatic foliage and seeds both of which are used in flavoring foods and esp. pickles
to make thinner or more liquid by admixture
of, relating to, or effected by a flood
seen indistinctly or without clear outlines or details
a coin worth 1/10 of a dollar
the length, width, height, or depth of something
to become gradually less
exceptionally or notably small
a slight natural indentation in the surface of some part of the human body
a loud, continued noise
an East Indian rowboat or sailboat

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