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Can you name the Words between Density and Deputy

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a depression or hollow made by a blow or by pressure
of or relating to teeth
a conical pointed projection
an artificial replacement for one or more teeth
to strip of all covering
a public condemnation
to declare untrue
a preparation that masks or destroys unpleasant odors
the theory or study of moral obligation
to go away
a functional or territorial division
to represent by picture, describe
to lessen markedly in quantity, content, power, or value
to extend a military unit
to send out of the country
to remove from a throne or other high position
money given as a pledge or down payment
a place for storing goods or supplies
to speak ill of; to corrupt
to express mild or regretful disapproval of
to fall in value
to engage in plunder
to cause to sink to a lower position
to withhold something from
complexity or obscurity, as of a subject
a group of people appointed to represent others

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