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Can you name the whether the following countries share a border (T=true, F=false)?

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CountriesT / F
Austria, Czech Republic
Andorra, France
Chad, Sudan
India, Iran
Romania, Serbia
Guatemala, Nicaragua
Bolivia, Ecuador
Angola, Zimbabwe
Greece, Turkey
Paraguay, Uruguay
Afghanistan, Tajikistan
India, Myanmar
Gabon, Guinea-Bissau
Colombia, Panama
Benin, Nigeria
Azerbaijan, Iran
Macedonia, Romania
Libya, Niger
Rwanda, Tanzania
Thailand, Vietnam
CountriesT / F
Italy, Slovenia
Belize, Mexico
Afghanistan, China
Lithuania, Russia
Algeria, Burkina Faso
South Sudan, Uganda
Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan
Malaysia, Thailand
Argentina, Peru
Slovakia, Ukraine
Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone
Egypt, Israel
Bhutan, Nepal
D.R. Congo, Malawi
El Salvador, Guatemala
Georgia, Turkey
Cameroon, D.R. Congo
Hungary, Serbia
Luxembourg, Netherlands
Suriname, Venezuela

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