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Can you name the city based on the clue, where each successive city begins with the last letter of the preceding city

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This British city has a history as a noted innovation hub: during the Industrial Revolution its residents registered 3 times as many patents as any other British city's
This city has famously resisted invasions by Napoleon and Hitler's Germany
This city suffered tremendously during World War II, with 85% of its buildings destroyed; its Jewish ghetto was liquidated in April 1943 after an unsuccessful uprising
This capital city on the Khomas Highland plateau was first settled by an Afrikaner and founded by a German army major
This high-altitude city, located in a valley surrounded by mountains, is highly dependent on tourism and boasts many Hindu and Buddhist sites
This western Chinese city was a major hub on the Silk Road during the Tang dynasty (7th - 9th c.)
In 1950, this city was the site of a decisive victory by UN forces over the Korean People's Army
This port city played a big role in the American slave trade and was by far the biggest southern city in the antebellum era
Sold to the US by France in 1803, this city became the gateway to the West and was the first non-European city to host the Olympics
The automobile is purported to have been invented in this Swabian city by Karl Benz, and the city is home to the headquarters of both Mercedes-Benz and Porsche
This Mediterranean city is renowned for its Bauhaus architecture that has inspired the nickname 'White City'
Grand Duke Gediminas is credited with building this city up to become the capital of a duchy extending from the Baltic to the Black Sea
The oldest sample of wine in the world was discovered near this ancient city, one of the oldest in Persia
This mining city delivered much silver for the Spanish crown, but it was also the venue of one of the bloodiest battles of the Mexican Revolution
This city, situated in a valley near the Andes, is home to South America's largest metro system
This northern city, known for a time as Kristiania, is one of the most expensive in the world
This Mediterranean city, founded by Moorish traders in 903, had a varied colonial history, with Spanish, Ottoman, and French periods
This capital city is the eastern terminus of the Trans-Sahelian Highway and also on the Tripoli-Cape Town Highway (although through the Sahara the latter is merely a desert track)
It was from his ashram in the suburb of this city that Mahatma Gandhi led a 24-day march to coastal Dandi to protest the British salt monopoly
This city is home to Germany's third largest airport and is also a major hub in the Deutsche Bahn network
This Tuscan city is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, during which time it was controlled from behind the scenes by the famous Medici family
This city is at 4150 m the highest major metropolis in the world, and also the largest city in Latin America with a mostly Amerindian population
One of the hottest cities in the world with average highs of 30-42 C year-round, this city is the largest in its country and sits across the Nile from the national capital
During WWII, Japan is alleged to have dropped bombs containing fleas infested with the bubonic plague on this Chinese port city

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