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Can you name the largest companies, by market value or # employees?

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Apple or Wal-Mart?by Market Value
Coca-Cola or Pepsi Co?by Market Value
Ford or Toyota?by Market Value
Nike or Amazon.com?by Market Value
L'Oreal or Fedex?by Market Value
Kellogg or Kraft Foods?by Market Value
China Mobile vs. JP Morgan Chase?by Market Value
UPS vs. Mitsubishi?by Market Value
Target vs. Home Depot?by Market Value
Dell vs. AstraZeneca?by Market Value
Walt Disney vs. Lockheed Martin?by Market Value
Monsanto vs. Samsungby Market Value
Toronto-Dominion Bank vs. Credite Suisse?by Market Value
Barrick Gold vs. Sony?by Market Value
Aflac vs. Caterpillar?by Market Value
Vodafone vs. Hitachi?by Market Value
Nestle vs. Unilever?by Market Value
Novartis vs. Visa?by Market Value
Starbucks vs. Philip Morris Int'l?by Market Value
Tesco vs. GlaxoSmithKline?by Market Value
eBay vs. Volkswagen?by Market Value
McDonalds vs. Johnson & Johnson?by Market Value
Yahoo vs. Intel?by Market Value
Statoil vs. Lukoil?by Market Value
Nintendo vs. Heineken?by Market Value
ChoicesAnswerLargest By
Honda vs. Oracle?by Employees
Pfizer vs. Chevron?by Employees
Citigroup vs. ConocoPhillips?by Employees
Siemens vs. Bank of America?by Employees
Canon vs. Halliburton?by Employees
Daimler vs. Deutsche Post?by Employees
Time Warner Cable vs. Mastercard?by Employees
Carnival vs. Deere?by Employees
East Japan Railway vs. Nissan?by Employees
Procter & Gamble vs. AT&T?by Employees
BHP Billiton vs. Christian Dior?by Employees
Nokia vs. Goldman Sachs?by Employees
Itau Unibanco vs. Swedbank?by Employees
Wal-Mart vs. McDonalds?by Employees
Berkshire Hathaway vs. Merck?by Employees
Microsoft vs. Google?by Employees
Boeing vs. Fedex?by Employees
Verizon vs. Panasonic?by Employees
Texas Instruments vs. CBS?by Employees
Cisco Systems vs. Schlumberger?by Employees
PetroChina vs. Exxon Mobil?by Employees
United Health Group vs. Bank of Montreal?by Employees
Lowe's vs. IBM?by Employees
LVMH (Moët-Hennessy Louis Vuitton) vs. Colgate-Palmolive?by Employees
Allianz vs. Accenture?by Employees

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