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Avatar Quiz
Solar System that Pandora is in...
Humans Breathe on Pandora using a...
Jake Sully is Cryogenically Frozen for...
The Na'vi word for 'leader'
In Hell's Gate, which level is the bio- lab on?
The long black braid on a Na'vi is called a...
Jake Sully gets attacked by a pack of dog looking creatures. What are these creatures called?
What is the dominant hand of most Na'vi people?
Finish the quote: 'I was a warrior who dreamed he could bring peace, ...
Grace can be seen doing this periodically throughout the movie
Avatar Quiz
Toruk stands for...
Back on Earth, Jake Sully was a...
The Mobile Link is Located at Site...
The red painted Na'vi is the leader of what clan?
In order to maintain balance at 10 feet tall, the Na'vi have a...
How many times does Jake fall off the horse?
Neytiri's Mother is better known as...
What language is displayed on Norm Spellman's hat when he is taking root samples?
Humans are known as what to the Na'vi?
Jake Sully becomes Olo'Eyktan at the end. Who's position does he replace?

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