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All the rides at HersheyPark

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SectionRideWhat it is
Founder's WaySimple flying spinning kiddy ride with Balloons
 Spinning ride with Bees for kids
 a simple wooden classic
 The 2nd Newest (as of 2017) and least scariest Roller Coaster in HersheyPark
 a simple spinning ride with Dinosaurs
 a spinning ride with drums
 a Bumper Cars (Sponsored by GEICO)
 a flying spinning ride where you control the height
 a Simple Train of ???????????
 a small version of a pirate ship
 a small version of a Very Fast Spinning Classic
 a ride that will take you around the park (Sponsored by Captial Bluecross)
 a Dark Shooter
 a fast spinning thrill ride that really throws you around
 a scenic view of the park that goes forwards and comes back
 a simple spinning ride with rockets
 like the one above but bigger and you can control the height
 a simple swing ride
 a spinning thrill ride
 a slow pace spinning ride with cars
Kissing Tower Hilla Log Flume
 a very slow oval ride with trucks
SectionRideWhat it is
 a mini drop ride
 famous rollercoaster with the track ABOVE you
 Hershey's First Big Drop Tower (coming later 2017)
 A Scenic view of Hershey. Tallest ride going up and down slowly
 one of the two car sides, features old ford vehicles
 one of the two car sides, features race cars
Midway Americsa classic ride that goes in circles up and down and is in literally almost every park
 simple ride that goes in circles for kids with bugs
 a glow in the dark spinning rollercoaster
 a dueling wooden rollercoaster
 a racing set of slides
 a very fast spinning ride with blasting music
 spinning ride where you ride horses
 very small slow train ride
 Thrill ride that flings you around its turns
 Classic Steel Rollercoaster with nothing special
 normal thrilling wooden rollercoaster
Pioneer Frontiersmall scenic train ride through Pionner Frontier
 Very Tall Rollercoaster with Vertical Chainlift and 97 Degree Drop with a very rare Norwegian Loop
 simple spinning ride where you can control the angle of the cart
 smaller ??????????
 Smaller Version of the fast spinning ride that will throw you
SectionRideWhat it is
 a simple thrill ride that swerves up and up and up
 simple spinning ride with planes that can have their height controlled
 a Vekoma Boomerang
 a thrilling steel rollercoaster that launches you at 72 MPH
 a thrilling spin ride that shoots you up and down
 a spinning ride in the air that you can spin even more
 a simple family rollercoaster and the 2nd oldest rollercoaster as well as 2nd least thrilling
The Boardwalkone of 6 water slides
 one of 6 water slides
 pne of 6 water slides
 one of 6 water slides
 one of 6 water slides
 one of 6 water slides
The HollowOldest Rollercoaster at HersheyPark
 Tallest Rollercoaster at HersheyPark Biggest and with a (sort of) launch. Most thrilling by far
 first looping coaster on the East Coast and at Hershey 3rd oldest ride and 3rd most not thrilling but still amazing
 Swining Thrill Ride
 Spinning Classic Ride where you control the spin speed
 a spinning swing ride

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