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Every Cube UHC Player (seasons 1-19)

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seasons inplayerstatus
S11-16, 18not in cube
S3-4kicked from cube (deleted footage on purpose)
S3-15left cube/quit youtube
S6left youtube
S2, S4-5, S7-10left cube
S16-19active (but plays ROBLOX)
S4-6, S8inactive on youtube
S4-5, S7-10left cube
S8-16, S18active
S1-3kicked from cube (insulted UHC season 3)
S2-6kicked from cube (deleted footage on purpose)
S2-9, S13left cube
S12-13not in cube
S1left youtube
S6-7, 11, 15-19active
S1-4left youtube
S8-12kicked from cube (inactivity), left youtube
S2not in cube
S2-10, 12-14, 17-19active
S6-7, 9-10, 12-13, 15-18active
S11-12, 15-16active
seasons inplayerstatus
S1inactive youtube
S2-3kicked from cube (deleted footage on purpose)
S18-19active (but plays ROBLOX)
S1-3kicked from cube (insulting and saying members got rude)
S3didn't return because (can't say name) was no longer there and it wouldn't be the same)
S13not in cube
S5kicked from cube (insulting UHC when he died)
S7-15, 17-19active
S2-3, S5-6, 9-10, 12left cube
S1-2kicked from cube (inactivity)
S4not in cube
S2-3left youtube
S1not in cube
S1removed (unknown why)
S5-11Kicked from cube (inactivity)
S6not close with anyone in cube/not in cube
S14not in cube
S6not in cube/not close with anyone in cube
S15not in cube
S3-5kicked from cube (deleted footage on purpose)
S6-8, 17left Cube UHC (still in smp and active)
seasons inplayerstatus
S1-3, 5-14left cube
S12not in cube
S1-18active (but plays ROBLOX)
S11-12, 14not in cube
S7-9not in cube
S6-7removed from cube (unknown why)
S1not in cube
S5-8left cube
S2removed (unknown why)
S2not in cube
S1-5, S7-17active
S9-13not in cube
S4-6, S8-11, 13kicked from cube (big explanation in video)
S5left cube
S3didn't return (player 1 invited player 2 and player 3 (person your guessing) and now was cutting ties with player 4 and said it wouldn't be the same without player 1)
S1-4left cube
S2-14, S16-17active (but plays ROBLOX)
S2, S4-19active
S1-5, 14, 16not in cube
S1, 4not in cube
S1left youtube
S4not in cube

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