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True or False: Matthew is the shortest gospel
True of False: Matthew begins with 'The gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God'
What is the symbol of Matthew's gospel?
What is the Hebrew word for devil?
What number does the name David represent? (#)
What year was the temple destroyed? AD__
Matthew contains about ___% of Mark's material.
Turn the other ___________.
Frankincense, gold and ____________ were the three gifts
Jesus is compared to whom?
Number of discourses in Matthew (#)
'God with us' in Hebrew
True of False: Jesus as Suffering Servant is an important theme.
Most common title: Son of ____.
What natural disaster accompanied the death of Jesus?
True or False: Matthew was written after Luke.
One of the most important discourses is the Sermon on the ____________.
Meaning of 'Beatitude':
Study of the end times.
True or False: There are no references to women in Matthew.
True or False: Matthew's gospel is the only one that includes a genealogy.
What does ekklesia mean?
All parables point to the Kingdom of _______.
Who had a warning dream about Jesus' impending crucifixion?
The field of blood is also called
Some misinterpret the ____ in the Sermon on the Mount as anti-semitic.
Jesus is depicted as an authoritative _______.
In the infancy, King ________ is compared to Pharaoh.
Solving problems locally.
The missionary discourse is the ____ discourse. (#)

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