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city that was a central symbol in Luke
Lukes favorite title for Jesus
Lukes shows Jesus as a _______ savior
Luke focuses on the __________ in society
_____ shows up at Jesus Birth in luke
Jesus is constantly _______
symbol of luke
includes the prodigal son and good samirtan
What happens when Jesus died in Luke
paul was converted on the road to
How much percent of mark is seen in luke
originally paul was a
who was a pharisee who stood up for Peter and John in Luke
the term martyr comes from what word
man who replaced Judas as an apostle
who was a gentile roman soldier baptized by peter
whos name means lover of God and to whom the gospels of Luke and Acts were written to
another name for savior
luke used the person of ____ as a source
birthday of the churvh
poor man in one of Jesus parables who was covered in sores
name for mary's visit to her cousin elizabeth
word for Mary's 'yes' to God
a happy theme in Lukes gospel
a short tax collector to see Jesus better then gave half his wealth away to the poor
the word Lord in greek is ___
Where did paul want to have his court?
deciple who first gave the converted paul a chance
Jesus wanted the apostles to bring him ____ in the Upper Room
lukes profession was most likely a ___-

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