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What state is St. Paul
the capital of?
What other 'Twin City' lies across the river from St. Paul 
What major US river runs through St. Paul? 
In what county
is St. Paul?
What suburb to the southeast closely imitates the layout and streets of St. Paul? 
What is the only Big 4 professional sports team that plays in St. Paul? 
What semi-pro baseball team owned by Bill Murray plays in St. Paul? 
Name either stadium where the previous teams plays. 
What professional basketball team plays in St. Paul for one season in 2017? 
What is the mascot of the University of Minnesota? 
Who is the current
mayor of St. Paul?
What governor resides in the Governor's Mansion on Summit Avenue? 
What author of The Great Gatsby was born in Saint Paul? 
What cartoonist famous for Peanuts was raised in Saint Paul? 
What longtime radio host has lived in Saint Paul for many years? 
What fort (formerly known as Fort St. Anthony) down the river from St. Paul existed before the city? 
Until 1841, what was the name of St. Paul? 
What city almost replaced St. Paul as state capital in 1850? 
What Saint Paul politician founded Prohibition? 
What was the name of the Prohibition-Era system that helped and encouraged many criminals to live in St. Paul? 
What museum houses the only convertible dome theater in the US? 
What event center in downtown used to be a Federal Courthouse? 
What street in St. Paul contains many attractions, from St. Thomas University to the James J. Hill House? 
What lake, the largest in St. Paul, is popular because of the surrounding park? 
What is the name of the popular zoo not far from MSP airport? 
Both terminals at MSP Airport are named after famous people. Can you name either person? 
St. Paul reached what record low temperature (Fahrenheit) on January 21, 1888? 
What daily newspaper is the second-most read in the state? 
Name either interstate highway that runs through St. Paul. 
What is the tallest building in St. Paul? 

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