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LatinEnglishExtra information
capiocapere, cepi, captus
anteaaquae, f
ascendoascendere, ascendi, ascensus
caniscanis, m and f
animusanimi, m
arsartis, f
bibobibere, bibi
ac, atqueindeclinable
audioaudire, audivi, auditus
apud+ accuasative
amicusamici, m
a,ab+ ablative, used as prefix with verbs
cadocadere, cecidi, casus
ancillaancillae, f
bonusbona, bonum
auxiliumauxilii, n
appareoapparere, apparui
audeoaudere, ausus sum
alteraltera, alterum
annusanni, m
armaarmorum, n plural
bellum gerogerere, gessi, gestus
aliusalia, aliud
approprinquoappropinquare, appropinquavi + dative
LatinEnglishExtra information
altusalta, altum
benignusbenigna, benignum
agoagere, egi, actus
amoramoris, m
accidoaccidere, accidi
accipioaccipere, accepi
caputcapitis, n
advenioadvenire, adveni
absumabesse, afui
caelumcaeli, n
ante+ accusative
captivuscaptivi, m
bellumbelli, n
adsumadesse, adfui
aquaaquae, f
amoamare, amavi, amatus
ageragri, m
aedificoaedificare, aedificavi, aedificatus
ambuloambulare, ambulavi
auferoauferre, abstuli, ablatus
ad+ accusative, used as prefix with verbs
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