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How much do you know about the Janoskians?

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video with most views?
what does L.A.M.B stand for?
what does 'Janoskians' stand for?
Beaus middle name?
oldest Janoskian?
youngest janoskian?
Daniel and Beaus ship name?
when did boys created their channel
Jais girlfriend?
name of the boys first tour?
name of all three songs?
brooks brothers dog name?
daniels dads name?
brooks brothers mums name?
name James three sisters?
where the boys grew up?
how many Q&A vidoes are out?
lukes twitter name?
Beaus girlfriends first name?
hoe many cheeseburgers did beau order for the cheeseburger and ice challenge?
Name of their plastic baby?
finish the sentence: where not dirty pigs, we're...
haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, tomatoes gonna tomate.....
their youtube channel hit 1M subs. om whos b'day?
The boys are making a movie with....
who was first to reach 1M followers on twitter?
who was last?
which Faydee film clip did all the Janoskians star in?
which Faydee film clip did Jai star in?
name the person who used to do daresundays with the boys?

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