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QUIZ: Can you name the Too Much Time With Sally?

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You know the words to every song in this disney movie
You ________ your ________ more than four times a day.
You have to call Jon _________ before you do fun stuff.
You steal ______ and text the owners girl friends.
You think your Dad invented the ________ _______.
Despite having the deepest hatred for it you begin to love _________.
You have trouble convincing people your _________ name is real.
You clean your shoes off in the ___________ at Friendly's.
You hit your ________ when you _________.
______ Evans breaks your heart when you find out she was the one drawing on your __________.
Your eyes are _________ which is way better than having _________ eyes.
You start saying ________ __________ to strangers on a hiking trail.
You try to eat whole ____ ___________ cakes.
You don't know what kind of car you have but you know it's ________ with a _____ _____.
A crippled hobo named ________ lived in your house.
You tell people you came out of a ______ ______ ______ _________.
Your favorite sporcle quiz is the ________ _________.
You decorate your room with ___________ ________ in November.
You start to think _________ ______ _______ ________ isn't about drugs.
You have nervous breakdowns in _________.
You round 106.9 down to _______.
You start getting awesome surprises from ______ _____________.

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