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Which act reduced the existing tax on molasses imported into North America from the French West Indies?
What did the act also do that irritated the colonists?
Which act caused the first split between colonists and Great Britain over the meaning of freedom?
Which organization appeared because of the act?
What kind of resistance did the colonists adopt economically?
Where were the Regulators from?
Who insisted that land should belong to the person who worked on it?
Which virtuous spirit was popular among Americans?
Which organization claimed complete halt to trade with Great Britian?
In New York and Pennsylvania , which characteristic made it hard to consensus on how far to go in resisting the British?
Who predicted a war between the north and south, and constant disputes were needed to gain independence?
What did the Declaration of Independence contain?
What did the British promise to the slaves who fight for them?
Which war was the turning point?
What were they arguing for the voting right?
What did the Deists hope to create?
What did free Americans evaluate equality?
Which religion groups claimed freedom for slaves?
What did the federalists want to create
What did the anti-federalists claim?

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