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This act was a enacted British tax that made many colonists felt violated their liberty.
This is a group of merchants and craftsmen who had taken the lead in opposing the previous act.
This act reduced the existing tax on molasses imported into North America from the French West Indies from six pence to three pence per gallon.
This act was made to rescue the East India Company and its investors
The author of common sense
These acts are to close the port of Boston and restrict the colony's political autonomy
This act was to grant religious toleration for Catholics in Canada
Those who sided with Britain in the war of independence
Those who sided with America
Which states have a one-house state government?
Which state guaranteed complete religious liberty
Which state eliminated all property and tax qualifications for voting
The first written constitution of the United States
It established stages of self-government for the west
It called for the eventually establishment of from three to five states
Does the previous act allowed slavery in the old northwest?
The farmers protested in the Shays rebellion are called
It called for a two-house legislature
They believed that a too powerful central government is a threat to liberty
The constitution identifies three populations:

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