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Can you name the Harry Potter Name Chain?

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Not Really Hints. How 'Bout My Opinion?My Opinions Are Awesome!I'm Bored. Are you?
Boy Who Lived?You Should Know This.
His Best Mate?This Too.
Gets Kisses From?Possibly This. (sarcasm) Of Course!
Goes to the Yule Ball with?Shallow Butt.
Thinks Is Cute During Fleur&Bill's Wedding?You Need to Know This too.
Who Dates Before Harry?I don't Like Him.
HIS Best Mate?Poopy You.
Who Thinks He Blows Up Everything?Yes! Blow Up Everything!
Who Battles During War?Git.
Dies From Who/What?Noooo.
Ordered From Who?Arse, git, doofus, butt, duty head...
Not Really Hints. How 'Bout My Opinion?My Opinions Are Awesome!I'm Bored. Are you?
Killed Who When Harry was Young?Female.
Whilst His Best Mate?*swoons* I LOVE YOU!!
And His Friend?Werwolves Are Awesome! Not Twilight.
Who He Marries?Love the Hair!
Kid?Love the Face! Mwahahaha
People Thinking They are Cute Togethor?Umm.....
Her Parent?Nothing Else to Say. (Female)
Married to?How Are you? (Male)
And Lastly, is related to them that is a big snob?I'm Good. Hope You Did Great! You're At The End! Good For You! See Ya!

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