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Who goes missing in the series pilot?First and last
What are the names of the other four girls?First and last
What are the names of the other four girls?First and last
What are the names of the other four girls?First and last
What are the names of the other four girls?First and last
When did Alison disappear?Date or time of year
Alison has a brother named?
Aria has a brother named?
Spencer has a sister named?
What country does Aria return from?European country
How long has it been since Alison's disappearance?
We find out in the pilot that Aria's father, Byron, had an affair that Aria knows about. Who else knows/knew?
In the beginning of the series, Melissa is engaged to who?
Who has moved into the old DiLaurentis house?First and last name or family name
Who receives the first 'A' text?
The text is about her relationship with...?
The first 'A' message Spencer receives is about her involvement with...?(two people)
The first 'A' text Emily receives is about the kiss she shared with...?
The first 'A' message Hanna receives end with 'I hear prison food _____ ____ ____.'Fill in the blanks
Hanna's best friend is...?
When Alison's body is found, what police officer is assigned the case?Speaks to the girls directly after Ali's funeral
'I'm still here bitches...'Finish the line
When 'A' breaks into Spencer's house, they write on her mirror in...?
Who gets hit by a car at Mona's 'glamping' party?
Who has the first 'conversation' with Alison?
During this conversation, Alison says, 'Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I did. Take it from me....'Finish the line - Alison DiLaurentis
'You know what they say about hope...'Finish the line - Spencer Hastings
When Melissa and Wren break up, she begins dating and eventually marries who?
Where does Spencer discover both Ian and Alison were the weekend she disappeared?Resort in South Carolina
When Melissa is pregnant with Ian's child, what does she decide to name the baby?
Who does Spencer date in the beginning of season one?
Who does Hanna date in the beginning of season one?
After Emily comes out in season one, who does she date?
Who is the first person accused of murdering Alison?
Jenna Marshall is blind at the start of the series, or at least we believe she is. Who is responsible for blinding her?One person or a group
After the girls dedicate a memorial to Alison in the form of a park bench, who is first accused of destroying it?
Who actually destroyed it?
Hanna's mother, Ashley, stole money from a vault in the bank that she works at. Where does she hide it?
Hanna offers to let who stay in her house?
They begin to date after Hanna shares a ______ with him.Fill in the blank
Hanna's father has separated from her mother and is now engaged to who?
She has a daughter named what?
Who does Aria date very briefly when her and Ezra break up?
What cop is on the case that lives down the street from Emily?
He was secretly dating?
After Hanna wrecks her boyfriend's car, she has to work in a dental office, from which she ends up stealing Toby's file. The girls discover that he was in a relationship with who?
According to the file, who is forcing themself on the other?
When the girls retrieve Alison's flash drive from the storage unit, they discover videos of who?
After the charges against Toby are dropped, who do the girls think killed Alison?
Toby and Spencer stay in a motel and monitor room 214. What game do they play?
Where do they kiss for the first time?
Hanna breaks up with Caleb because she discovers he is helping who?
What does the number 214 turn out to be?
She finds out through a certain necklace Jenna is wearing that actually turns out to be a flash drive. What is its shape?
During the school play, Spencer finds one of Ian's trophy with blood on it. What kind of blood does it turn out to be?
After this incident, who becomes an official person of interest in Alison's death?
Who do the girls suspect filmed the videos on Alison's flash drive?
They text him from a burner phone to tell him they have his videos. They ask for money in exchange. How much do they ask for?
The girls meet in the woods to see if Ian shows up. Spencer does not meet the others because her and who else are involved in a hit and run?
What does Spencer go back to the church to retrieve?
Ian does not show up with the money. Who does?
Who does Emily ask for help during the exchange?
Afterwards, he asks the girls to keep it quiet, along with what else?
Who shows up at the church when Spencer is there?
It seems that Ian admits to killing Alison, so Spencer distracts him by throwing what across the church?
When Spencer and Ian fight in the bell tower, Spencer says he won't do this if he loves her sister. He claims he is doing it why?
Who appears to push Ian off the bell tower, thus saving Spencer's life?
In the beginning of season two, the girls are forced to see a therapist named?
When the girls are forced to spend some time apart, where do they secretly meet at night?
What is the nickname Alison gave to Mona?
What is the nickname Alison gave to Lucas?
With Maya away at True North, who does Emily date?
When things with her don't work out, Emily briefly dates who?
In the beginning of season two, Aria and Ezra are fighting because she discovered his previous relationship with who?
HintAnswerExtra info
When Ian is found dead, it appears to be a suicide. Who do the girls believe killed him?
Emily's mother, Pam, tells Emily that the family will be moving where?
Mona and Hanna are fighting because Mona did not give Hanna what?
Who does Spencer think is texting Melissa?
Spencer discovers through an old yearbook that Ian is a member of what club?
The phrase 'Nos animadverto totus' translate to what?
Who else is in the club?Two people
Who has moved into the DiLaurentis house?
Hanna sets Lucas up with who?
Since Lucas is too nervous to be alone with her, Hanna agrees to double with who?
Jessica DiLaurentis asks the girls to model Alison's dresses in the Rosewood fashion show. When the video is sabotaged, what words flash on the screen?
Spencer suspects Jason of shady behavior, so her and Emily break into his shed to discover pictures of who?
When questioned, he claims that who took the pictures?
Who massages Emily in 'Touched by an 'A'-ngel'?
When the girls receive the dolls from A, Spencer's doll commands her to do what?
What does Spencer do to keep him safe?
Hanna's doll commands her to do what?
Aria's doll commands her to do what?
Emily finds her doll where?
Dr. Sullivan went missing as soon as she discovered who A was. A now threatens the girls that she is running out of what?
The girls are caught with what after they go looking for Dr. Sullivan?
Officer Wilden claims this object is what?
In this episode, it is revealed that Alison was receiving texts from who?
When the girls come up with a plan to trap A, they end up with A's what?
Who is enlisted to hack into it?
When A puts information on Caleb's laptop that makes him look guilty, it is put in a file titled what?
Hanna deletes the files using what keys?
Who is arrested for Alison's murder?
Who turns in page 5 of Alison's coroner's report to the police?
Spencer discovers that she and Jason are related how?
Where is the doll shop located?
Mona claims that she saw who in this town?
Who leaves the Masquerade Ball to go to the Lost Woods Resort?
What is inside Room 2?
Who the girls try to follow at the ball?
Spencer discovers that A is who?
To where are Mona and Spencer driving?
Dr. Sullivan returns and reveals that she disappeared because A threatened who?
Dr. Sullivan says it was Toby who convinced her to come back. He tells Spencer that pretending not to love her was what?
Who's body do the police claim to find in 'UnmAsked?'
At the end of 'UnmAsked,' we see who for the first time, although this first time is probably a hallucination of Mona's?
In the season three premiere, who is found standing over Alison's dug up grave?
The girls decide to go where so that they will not be accused of taking Alison's remains?
Who is Hanna secretly visiting?
Where is Mona staying?
Who does Hanna see while she is there?
Where is Spencer mysteriously going back to?
Who does Spencer go to visit?
'Mona played with dolls. I play with body parts...'Finish the line
What keepsake did Aria put in Ali's casket?
Who does Emily recall she was with 'that night?'
It is revealed in 'Blood is the New Black' that Jenna is not what?
Emily meets Maya's cousin named what?
Who is defending Garrett?
Melissa admits to being the Black Swan at the Masqerade Ball because A threatened to expose what secret?
Spencer sneaks into Mrs. Reynolds hospital room and finds a note under her bracelet. What name is on it?First and last
What does Aria find in Ezra's sock drawer?
What does April Rose turn out to be?
What do Spencer and Jason find there that belonged to Alison?
The anklet clears Garrett's name as far as Alison's murder case goes, but he still faces charges for who's murder?
In 'Crazy,' who do the girls meet that is an old friend of Alison's?
What did Hanna tell Jessica DiLaurentis three days before Alison's body was discovered?
What is the hidden message in Mona's words, 'Miss Aria, you're a killer not Ezra's wife.'
In 'Stolen Kisses,' Emily kisses someone, and later goes for a swim with them. Who?
At Noel Kahn's party, who does Aria play a game of 'Truth' with?
Who does Spencer play a game of 'Truth' with?
Who does Ella begin dating?
Where do the girls discover Maya was shortly before she went missing?
Who stitches Hanna's leg when she gets cut escaping from the cabin?
The security footage sent to Spencer shows Maya getting into who's car the night she died?
What is Alison's nickname for Paige?
What is the name of the woman Ezra supposedly got pregnant in high school?
What is her son's name?
Where is Emily going to stay with Nate and his family?
HintAnswerExtra info
How is Mona getting in and out of Radley?
Who does Nate St. Germain turn out to be?
Who is 'Nate' holding captive?
Who gets into a fight in the lighthouse?Two people
The person that drugs Aria is wearing what costume?
Garrett tells Spencer, 'I didn't kill Alison, but ____ thinks I did!'Fill in the blank
He also tells Spencer that he saw Alison talking to who the night she disappeared?
Who dies on the Halloween train?
There is someone on the train dressed like Caleb, but they are wearing an Alison mask underneath. Who is this revealed to be?
After the first 'A' reveal, who is next revealed to be on the A Team?
Who pretends to take care of Aria while she is sick, though she's actually drugging her?
Who is the last liar to be 'visited' by Alison?
CeCe and Alison spent a summer together where?
What keepsake did Emily leave in Ali's casket?
What is the identity of the 'Beach Hottie?'
Who are the two people dressed as the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train?Two people
What two people posed as fake 'Red Coats?'Two people
Who does Ashley Marin hit with her car?
Where in her house does her Hanna find a gun?
What college do Emily and Spencer visit in 'Gamma Zeta Die!'
Who confesses to Wilden's murder to get Ashley out of jail?
Who actually killed Wilden?
Who do we see for the first time at Wilden's funeral?
Who does Aria date in season four when her and Ezra break up?
When the girls finally come face to face with Ali, what does she ask them?
Who does Caleb meet on the bus to Ravenswood?
What is the episode called where most of the time is spent in black and white?
Ezra and Aria break up because she discovers he is writing a book about who?
When the girls go to meet Alison, the police track her vehicle to what city?
What city are they actually in?
Alison met with five people the night she disappeared. Who did she see first?
Who did she see second?
Who did she see third?
Who did she see fourth?
Who did she see fifth?
Who buried Ali alive?
Who pulled her out of the ground?
Who helped her disappear?
Who is killed at the end of season four?
Who does Aria kill in New York?
When Alison comes back to town, she tells the police that she was...?
After the girls cut ties with Ali, what four girls does she recruit to be in her new group?First names
After the girls cut ties with Ali, what four girls does she recruit to be in her new group?First names
After the girls cut ties with Ali, what four girls does she recruit to be in her new group?First names
After the girls cut ties with Ali, what four girls does she recruit to be in her new group?First names
Who does it appear that Ali is dating in season five?
Who supposedly dies in 'Taking this One to the Grave?'
Who is arrested for their murder?
Mike tells Aria that Mona was planning on faking her death, but he now believes that someone double-crossed her and killed her. Who?
Who is arrested as Alison's accomplice?
Who does Aria become involved with towards the end of season five?
'In the case of the Commonwealth vs. Alison DiLaurentis, we, the jury, find the defendant...'
Who is arrested right after Ali's verdict is read?
Who is arrested right after Ali's verdict is read?
Who is arrested right after Ali's verdict is read?
When the liars (minus Ali) arrive in A's dollhouse, they follow directions to a girl playing the piano. Who is it?
A's name is revealed to be what?
What is the season two Halloween episode called?
What is the season three Halloween episode called?
What is the season four Halloween episode called?
What is the season five Christmas episode called?
What is the season one finale called?
What is the season two finale called?
What is the season three finale called?
What is the season four finale called?
What is the season five finale called?
Who plays Spencer Hastings?
Who plays Emily Fields?
Who plays Aria Montgomery?
Who plays Hanna Marin?
Who plays Alison DiLaurentis?
Who plays Mona Vanderwaal?

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