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Who goes missing in the series pilot?
Name her friend who is secretly in love with her.
Name her friend who has pink streaks in her hair.
Name her friend whose barn she was staying at.
Name her friend who was, at one time, overweight.
What is Ali's brother's name?
What is Aria's brother's name?
What is Spencer's sister's name?
Complete: I'm still here, bitches.
Who is Aria dating throughout the course of the show?
Who is Spencer dating throughout the course of the show?
Who is Hanna dating throughout the course of the show?
Who does Emily date at the beginning of the show, after Ben?
***NAMES*** Ali's mom?
Ali's dad?
Emily's mom?
Emily's dad?
Aria's mom?
Aria's dad?
Spencer's mom?
Spencer's dad?
Hanna's mom?
Hanna's dad?
What does Melissa decide to name her baby?
Who gets pushed off the bell tower?
What type of dance do the girls attend in the season two finale?
Where does Spencer discover A's lair? (the name of the motel)
Who turns out to be 'A' in seasons one and two?
Where does Mona try to take Spencer?
Who was dressed as the Black Swan?
She was blackmailed because she faked her...?
What do the girls nickname 'A' after Mona?
Who do the girls meet that was a friend of Ali's? (Blonde, looks like Ali)
Who do the girls see for the first time at Wilden's funeral?
On the Halloween train, who is the fake Caleb?
Who is the female Queen of Hearts?
Who is the male Queen of Hearts?
Who dies on the train?
Who thinks that Garrett killed Ali?
Who goes to Radley at the end of season three?
***LINES*** Take it from me. You're always better off...
That's immortality...
You know what they say about hope...
Jenna can't hear us...
Friends share secrets...
When the girls finally see Ali, what does she ask them?
Ali's nickname for Mona?
Ali's nickname for Lucas?
Ali's nickname for Paige?
Who pushed Ian off the bell tower?
Who buried Ali alive?
Who is buried in Ali's grave?
A's name is revealed to be what?
Charles kidnaps the girls, sans Ali, and takes them where?
Who is in the dollhouse when the girls get there?
Who else is revealed to be alive and in the dollhouse?
Who is arrested for the whole thing?
Not including Alison, nine people have died in the show. Name them in order. First: Type Bethany Young.
Ninth (Not really dead)
Who killed Bethany Young?
Who killed Lyndon James?
Who killed Darren Wilden?
Who killed Shana Fring?
***Episode Titles*** Season One: Premiere
Season Two: Premiere
Holiday Episode
Season Three: Premiere
Holiday Episode
Season Four: Premiere
Holiday Episode
Season Five: Premiere
Holiday Episode
Season Six: Premiere
***Actors*** Alison DiLaurentis
Hanna Marin
Aria Montgomery
Emily Fields
Spencer Hastings
Mona Vanderwaal
Mike Montgomery
Melissa Hastings
Jason DiLaurentis
Toby Cavanaugh
Caleb Rivers
Ezra Fitz(gerald)
Maya St. Germain
Paige McCullers
Jenna Marshall

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