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a series of X-ray photographs taken from different angles and combined by computer into a composite representation of a slice through the body
a visual display of brain activity that detects where a radioactive form of glucose goes while the brain performs a given task
a technique that uses magnetic fields and radio waves to produce comuter-generated images of soft tissue. MRI scans show brain anatomy
a technique for revealing bloodflow and, therefore, brain activity by comparing successive MRI scans; show brain function
the oldest part and central core of the brain
controls heartbeat and breathing
relays messages between lower brain centers and cerebral cortex
coordinates voluntary movement and balance and supports memories of such
two lima bean-sized neural clusters in the limbic system; linked to emotion
lies below the thalamus, helps govern the endocrine system via the pituitary gland, and is linked to emotion and reward
axon fibers connecting the two cerebral hemispheres
master endocrine gland
pathway for neural fibers traveling to and from brain; controls simple reflexes
ultimate control and information-processing center
linked to memory
portion of the cerebral cortex lying just behind the forehead; involved with judgement and decision making
portion of the cerebral cortex lying at the top of the head towards the back; receives sensory input for touch and body position
portion of the cerebral cortex lying at the back of the head; includes areas that receive information from the visual fields
portion of the cerebral cortex lying roughly above the ears; each receiving information primarily from the opposite ear
an area at the rear of the frontal lobes that controls voluntary movements
area at the front of the parietal lobes that registers and processes body touch and movement sensations
controls language expression--an area that directs the muscle movements involved in speech
controls language reception--a brain area involved in language comprehension and expression

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