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handling your own pain by helping others
'You are angry, so you punch the wall as hard as you can.'
protects the person from real events that are painful to accept, either by rejecting a fact or its seriousness
'You say that you're not sad, when really you are.'
'You have feelings of dislike towards like someone, so you treat them to lunch.'
the transformation of unacceptable impulses into socially valued motivations
occurs when we unconsciously generate self-justifying explanations to hide from ourselves the real reasons for our actions
everything in the world is seen as all good or all bad with nothing in between
'You and your roommate have get into an argument so you stomp off into another room and pout.'
'After your husband dies, you keep yourself busy by volunteering at animal shelters.'
disguises threatening impulses by attributing them to others
banishes anxiety-arousing wishes from consciousness
trying to reverse or 'undo' a thought or feeling by performing an action that signifies an opposite feeling than your original thought or feeling
'A person's treatment for cancer makes him lose his hair so he makes jokes about being bald.'
attempting to avoid a painful thought or feeling by objectifying and emotionally detaching oneself from the feeling
'You think that because you always study hard for tests and you know a lot of people who cheat so it's not a big deal you cheated this time.'
'You are angry, but instead of punching the wall you go for a run.'
'You are arrested for drunk driving several times but don't believe you have a problem with alcohol.'
focusing on funny aspects of a painful situation
'You think your best friend is absolutely worthless because she flaked on your plans for that evening.'
diverts sexual or aggressive impulses toward an object or person that is psychologically more acceptable than the one that aroused the feelings
'Acting aloof and indifferent toward someone when you really dislike that person.'
allows us to retreat to an earlier,more infantile stage of development
'You get really mad at your husband but scream that he's the one mad at you.'
the ego unconsciously makes unacceptable impulses look like their opposites
'You can't remember the awful car accident you were in.'

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