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Year(s) of The Fall Of The Protheans (BCE)
Year when Krogan enter Nuclear Age and subsequent nuclear winter
Year(s) when Asari discover The Citadel
Second race to discover Citadel
Year of the founding of the Citadel Council
When does the Galactic Standard Era (0 GS) begin?
How many hours in the Galactic Standard day?
How many minutes in the Galactic Standard hour?
How many seconds in the Galactic Standard minute?
How many milliseconds in the Galactic Standard second?
Third spacefaring race to be welcomed to Citadel
The standard galactic currency
Name of the Act enstating standard galactic currency
Name of the Salarian espionage group employed by the Council
Year of start of Turian Unification War (roughly)
First Non-Council race to be granted an embassy on the Citadel
Name the other space-faring races that made first contact with the Council between 200 BCE and 1 CE (Separate by commas, arrange races in alphabetical order, don't include 'and')
Year of The Rachni Wars
Year of first contact & uplifting of the Krogan
Year of end of Rachni Wars & Rachni officially declared extinct
What does 'Spectre' stand for?
Who was the first human candidate for induction into the Spectres?
Who was the first human Spectre? (If you can't figure this one out you should probably replay the games immediately)
Year of The Krogan Rebellions
Name of the colony the Council demanded the Krogan withdraw from but did not, officially leading to the Krogan Rebellions
During what event did the Council make first contact with the Turians?
Name of weapon developed and used to end the Krogan Rebellions
Year of end of Krogan Rebellions
Name of the position within the Turian Hierarchy that the Volus were accepted into
What year were the Citadel Conventions drawn up?
According to the Citadel Conventions, where are the use of WMDs forbidden?
True or False? The use of WMDs in warfare are forbidden under all circumstances according to the Citadel Conventions
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Year that C-Sec was founded
According to the Citadel Conventions, how many divisions does C-Sec have?
Year when Turians were granted a seat on the Council
Year of first Collectors sighting
Year when Geth achieve sentience & The Geth War
Year when Humans officially become a space-faring race
Year Hanar make first contact with the Drell (roughly)
Year of the founding of the first human settlement on Luna
Name of billionaire who funded his own space expedition in the 2070s
Name of the first human settlement on Luna
Year of the founding of the ESA's Lowell City, the first permanent human settlement on Mars
Name of intelligent pre-spaceflight race discovered in 2125 CE
Year of David Anderson's birth
Colloquial name for Gagarin Station
Year when construction begins on Gagarin Station
Original avenue of research to be conducted at Gagarin Station
Year when Humanity discovers Mass Effect physics
Year of formation of the Systems Alliance
Name of celestial body in Sol system that the Charon Relay was orbiting
Leader of first expedition through the Charon Relay
Headquarters of the Systems Alliance
Planet where humanity settled its first extra-solar colony
Birth of Commander Shepard (Month Date, Year)
Year of formal inaguration of Arcturus Station
Year of First Contact War
Turian name for the First Contact War
Length of First Contact War
Name of first colony attacked by Turians
Real name of the Illusive Man
Year of the founding of Cerberus
Name of first Human biotics training program on Gagarin Station in 2160 CE
Year of formation of the Systems Alliance Parliament
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Name of Act detailing the restrictions on gene therapy and genetic engineering in the Systems Alliance
Year of completion of construction of Arcturus Station
First sighting of the Leviathan of Dis
First sighting of Sovereign
Year when Humanity is granted an embassy on the Citadel
Name of humanity's first ambassador on the Citadel
Launch of the galactic magazine Fornax (more for fun than anything. May be skipped by typing 'skip' into the answer field)
Name the treaty enacted by the Council to cap the ratio of dreadnaught class cruisers among the galactic races
What is the ratio set by the Council of dreadnaughts allowed to each race (#For Turians:#For Council Races:#For Associate Races)
Year when Shepard enlists in the Alliance military
Name of first sapient AI created in the Systems Alliance
Year of the Skyllian Blitz
Home of Alliance's second biotic training facility, founded in 2176
Name of second biotic training program
Name of the civil war waged over the practice of slavery, on a human and batarian colony that eventually spread throughout the Amun system
Name of planet where the Systems Alliance first encounters Thresher Maws
Year when an Alliance recon team first encountered Thresher Maws
Year of the Eden Prime War & Battle of the Citadel
Name of the Council's ship
Year when humanity gains a seat on the Council
Shepard first declared KIA
Planet that the SSV Normandy SR-1 crashed on
Year of first contact with Raloi
Year of Shepard's Revival
Name of space-faring alien race discovered in 2185 CE
Death of Jon Grissom
Year when Shepard destroys the Alpha Relay
Year of the Reaper Invasion and Fall of Earth
Age of Shepard by the end of Mass Effect 2 DLC 'Arrival' (counting the years he/she was technically dead)
Who founded the Blue Suns in 2160 CE?
If Shepard chooses to save the Council in ME1, name the Alliance cruisers lost in the defense of the Council (in alphabetical order, separated by commas, exclude 'and')

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