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Record brokenTeam/Player/Number/GroundRecord set
Most titles won (team)13
Oldest player (player)43 years 162 days
First Premier League goal (player)15 August 1992
Most points in one season95
Most away goals conceded in one season55
Most home goals scored in one season (team)68
Most goals in a debut season (player)30
Most away draws in one season12
Most losses in total296
Most different clubs to score for7
Fastest goal (player)9.7 seconds
Fewest wins in a season (team)1
Highest attendance in one match (guess the Stadium)76,098
Longest time without conceding (Goalkeeper)14 games (1,311)
Longest range goal (player)93 metres (102 yards)
Most consecutive wins (team)14
Most consecutive matches scored in (player)10
Shortest serving manager (excluding caretakers)41 days
Most consecutive losses in a season (team)15
Most goals with one club175
Record brokenTeam/Player/Number/GroundRecord set
Most yellow cards for a player100
Fewest losses in a season (team)0
Most consecutive home wins (team)20
Most goals by a substitute in one game4
Most goals scored in total (team)1691
Most consecutive appearances (player)310
Lowest Attendance in one match(guess the Stadium)3,039
Most away losses in a season (team)17
Youngest goalscorer16 years 271 days
Fewest Goals scored in a season (team)20
Most winners medals (player)13
Fewest points in a season while avoiding relegation34
Biggest rise in finishing position in following season13 places (17th-4th)
Most goals conceded in total (team)1117
Most hat-tricks (player)11
Longest range free kick goal88 metres (96 yards)
Fewest corners in a match (no. of corners)Wigan Athletic v Chelsea
Most relegated manager3
Youngest player16 years 65 days
Most yellow cards for one team in a single matchWEST HAM UNITED vs Queens Park Rangers

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