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Quiz thyme!
Watt's new? Dis quiz!
Sew Kool! Hopfully I don't fail!
But hu sed I did da first two times?
Let's me no. Peas and Thank you.
I knead ale of the help you can give meh!
I apreciate it! So mush!
But oh whale! What can I sey?
So how arr you guys?
Let me know if I shuld meke moer!
Give me more eyedeas.
Eym runnin out of words.
Awey we go ento the grate blew see.
Maybee I'll just came up with new storys?
Yeah that's what I'll dew!
The beg read dug jumped over the cat.
The cut hissed at the dog!
The dog run away from the evial cat!
The cat went onn width his dey.
The end! Oar is it?

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