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QUIZ: Can you name the CH4?

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AdwaithAmodau Mecanwaith adwaith( e.e adiad)
Clorineiddiad bensen (4)
Nitradiad bensen (2)
Adwaith friedel crafts (3)
tynnu clorin oddi ar cylch bensen (2)
cloromethylbensen ->ffenylmethanol (1)
Cynhyrchu alcoholau o halogenoalcanau (1)
Cynhyrchu alcoholau trwy rhydwytho cyfansoddion carbonyl (1)
Adwaith Alcohol gyda halogenoalcan (0)
Adwaith Alcoholau gyda acyl clorid i creu esterau (1)
Adwaith ffurfio esterau o asidau carbocsilig (1)
Adwaith alcoholau i ffurfio alcenau (2)
Ocsidiad yr alcoholau cynradd (1)
Adwaith ffenol ac sodiwn hydrocsid (0)
AdwaithAmodau Mecanwaith adwaith( e.e adiad)
Adwaith ffenol i ffurfio 2,3,6 tribromoffenol (1)
Adwaith sy'n ffurfio ffenylethanoad (1)
Prawf am ffenol + LLIW (dim mecanwaith) (1)
Adwaith 2,4 DNP gyda cyfansoddyn carbonyl + LLIW GWADDOD ( dim mecanwaith) (0)
Adwaith cyfansoddion carbonyl gyda Hydrogen cyanid (1)
Prawf iodofform (2) (dim mecanwaith)
Adwaith ethylbensen i sodiwm benencarbocsilad (3) (dim mecanwaith)
Adwaith sodiwm bensencarbocsilad i asid bensencarbocsilig (1) (dim mecanwaith)
Adwaith Ester i Alcoholau ac Asid Carbocsilig (1) asidig
Adwaith Ester i Alcoholau ac Asid Carbocsilig (2) alcaliaidd
Adwaith ffurfio asidau clorid o asidau carbocsilig (2) (dim mecanwaith)

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