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Can you name the Smallville Villains?

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PowerVillainCrime/Attempted Crime
Pyrokinesis / Controlling FireTried to kill Chloe
TelekinesisKilled Principal Kwan
NoneFramed Lex Luthor for murder
Could paralyze people with his mindTried to kill Lois
Could control menTried to have Lex killed to have his money
NoneTargeted and killed many meteor 'freaks'
Could turn into liquidTried to expose Clark's secret
Turned people to waxTried to keep his high school class together forever
Same abilities as ClarkTried to use Clack as a vessel for general Zod
Skin-walkingTried to scare the Luthors away from certain land
Sucks the heat from anyoneTried to take Chloe's heat
Controls a hive of beesMade bees attack her competitors for class president

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