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The image of an object, for example a car, on your retina is called a _____.?
According to ________ theory, a visual stimulus is composed of a number of distinctive features.?
What is the name of an arrangement of simple 3-D shapes??
Being able to identify a single letter faster and more accurately if it appears in a meaningful word than if it appears by itself or in a meaningless string of letters is an exampl
The condition in which people cannot recognize human faces visually, but are able to perceive other objects, is called ______.?
The sources of variability in phoneme pronunciation include: pitch and tone of voices, precision of phoneme production, and ______.?
Instances when _______ influences speech perception are an example of the McGurk effect.?
In ________ psychology, it is believed that we see patterns instead of random arrangement without any effort.?
In general, how many geons are needed to have enough information to classify an object??
_______ processing emphasizes the importance of the stimulus in object recgnition.?
When the context helps us recognize letters of the alphabet during reading, it is an example of _________ processing.?
The basic unit of spoken language is called ______.?
True or false? We recognize faces on a holistic basis.?
When we overuse top-down processing, we may fail to detect an unexpected but visible object suddenly appear. This is referred to as __________ blindness.?
When we overuse top-down processing, we may fail to detect a change in a scene or an object. This is referred to as _________ blindness.?

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