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Questionkey concept
Effects of serial position on memory are evidenced on what kind of experimental task?
The following is true of serial position effects: The _______ few items in a list are remembered best.
According to the remember/know paradigm, if one lacks conscious awareness of the original learning episode they should indicate that they ______ the a learned list item.
In a typical test of recognition memory, targets may be considered 'new' or 'old.' If a subject decides that a new test item was on the list, this is considered a________.
As compared to verbal reports, researchers investigating mental rotation also collect __________ data because they are considered an objective measure.
Theories of human language propose that a mental dictionary exists. This is also known as a _______.
According to Craik and Lockhart's levels of processing theory, focusing on how a word sounds is an example of ___________ processing.
Experiments on the serial position effect have found that the first few items in a list are remembered fairly well. This is known as the __________.
The advantage (usually measured in reaction time) in identifying a word when it is preceded by a word that is related to it is known as ________.
Based on the results of the mental rotation task, Shepard and his colleagues concluded that the rate of mental rotation is _________.

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